Frequently Asked Questions

What is cardiac rehab?
Cardiac rehab is an individually designed program to help patients with heart disease or those suffering from poor heart health recover faster to their normal healthy lives.  Individualized cardiac rehab programs can include the following components:

  • Exercise
  • Education
  • Counseling
  • Learning how to live a healthier life

How long is the cardiac rehab process?
This process can take anywhere from 12-36 weeks, depending on the nature of your condition along with supporting factors such as age, physical condition and previous health issues.

When can I enroll in the cardiac rehab program?

  • This program can start while you are still in the hospital recovering from surgery.
  • You must be referred to the program by your physician.
  • An initial assessment of medical history and risk factors is required.
  • The cardiac rehab process will then continue when you leave the hospital for as long as your physician prescribes. 

Where is the cardiac program offered?
Our cardiac rehabilitation program is currently available at two locations:

  • Southside Hospital in Bayshore
    (631) 968-4300
  • Massapequa Heart Group in Massapequa
    (516) 798-0141

Is cardiac rehab safe?

  • Studies have shown that serious health problems caused by cardiac rehab exercise are rare.
  • Our cardiac rehab team is trained to handle emergency situation.
  • Speak with your physician to select/customize the appropriate and safe plan for you.
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