Treatments We Offer

Cardiac Rehab within North Shore-LIJ's Cardiovascular Services provides safe and effective cardiac rehab programs to treat people recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery and other heart-related diseases. Our cardiac rehabilitation specialists design individualized programs to meet the special needs and goals of each cardiac patient so that they can receive the full benefits of cardiac rehabilitation in order to recover faster to their normal, healthy lives.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is customized for each patient. The following elements of your cardiac rehab program will help you to recover.

  • You will receive information about your physical therapy and activities, including which forms of exercise are permitted to ensure a quick recovery without putting too much strain on your heart.
  • Information about your cardiac procedure and what is to be expected of you for the next 12-36 weeks will be provided.
  • Diet and nutrition facts are extremely important. You need to maintain a healthy diet with the proper energy for your body to heal. We'll give you a detailed list of foods to avoid that could hurt your recovery process.
  • Cardiac rehab social support groups are a key component for helping you get through the ups and downs of a lengthy recovery process. Sometimes it's easier to share your experiences with people who are going through the same thing.
  • Keep your scheduled follow-up doctor appointments to make sure you receive the full benefits of cardiac rehabilitation and stay on the right path to recovery.
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