What to Expect

Physical activity can strengthen your heart muscle, reduce your risk for heart disease, and improve your muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Your rehabilitation team will assess your physical activity level and find ways to safely add physical activity to your daily routine. Your cardiac rehab team will also create an easy-to-follow exercise plan. Exercise training as part of cardiac rehabilitation may not be safe for all patients. The rehabilitation team will work with your doctor to determine what level of exercise is safe for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will be referred to Cardiac Rehabilitation by a cardiologist.
  • Preliminary information will be provided about your condition and history.
  • The information will be reviewed by our cardiac rehabilitation team.
  • You will be contacted to schedule an initial visit which includes a tour of our facility. 
  • An individualized program will be prescribed for you.
  • A stress test prior to starting will help define the goals and parameters of your exercise program.
  • We recommend two to three cardiac rehabilitation visits per week for best results.
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