Support Groups

Patient Information - Support Groups

North Shore University Hospital hosts quarterly educational programs for patients and their loved ones. For specific dates and times, call (855) HEART-11, or (855) 432-7811. 

In addition, WomenHeart, a national support network, offers peer-lead support groups for women living with heart disease.  The group is open to women who have experienced a heart attack, suffer from any cardiac condition, or are at risk for heart disease.

In a caring and welcoming environment, WomenHeart offers:
• An opportunity to share your experience and feelings
• Learning from others who have been touched by heart disease
• Educational forums about heart disease and other related topics
• Information and strategies to lead a healthier lifestyle

For details about our monthly WomenHeart groups in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, call the Katz Institute for Women'sHealth at 855-850-KIWH (5494).

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