What To Expect

What Thoracic Surgery Patients Can Expect

On the day of your thoracic surgery, you will report to the admitting office. A hospital representative will register you and collect the information needed. You will be escorted to the cardiothoracic surgery unit. Your family members or friends will be asked to stay in the waiting area while you are being prepared for the procedure. We will provide information to you and your family about the procedure you are going to have and what is to be expected after.

Once you are in the operating room, you will change into a hospital gown. A nurse will take your vital signs and begin an IV (intravenous) medication line. A thoracic surgeon will then meet with you to go over the procedure and ask you to sign a routine consent form. You will be given medication to sedate you.

All patients will have a different experience depending on the nature of their surgery and the severity of their individual condition. Once your procedure is complete you will be monitored and treated accordingly. Once you are ready to leave the hospital, you will be sent home with specific instructions of do’s and don’ts and will have follow-up appointments set with your doctor to ensure the success of your recovery.

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